Training Policy:


The company believes that today's complement is very much different from the practices of the past. Modern technology applies onboard virtually change the scenario. Today's crew needs not only muscles but brains as well. Modern practices requires them to understand the complexities of the machines they operate and to undertake effective maintenance of the same to ensure smooth and relible operation and to minimize downtime.


Towards this end the company commits itself to:


1. Maintain an open line policy to the client Principals and the Masters, Chef Engineers of the vessels so as to identify the strength and the weaknesses of the officers and    crewmembers in order to provide the appropriate training and upgrading courses.


2. An In-house training program that is containuous and well focus on meeting the needs and requirements of the client principals and to fit our crew to the peculiarity of the    vessels they are assigned.


3. The company to tap the expertise of leading Training Institutions in the industry and in order to elevate the knowledge of the company manpower:


  All crew to be deploy must be trained and examined according to their position.



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