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APQ SHIPMANAGEMENT CO., INC. was established on November 21, 1997.

APQ SHIPMANAGEMENT CO., INC. is a corporation organized under Philippine laws, authorized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to operate as Manning Agency, to recruit and deploy Filipino Seafarers based on ISO standard.


Our organization is tapped of well-experienced and knowledgeable officers, Staff and ex-Mariners who had been onboard different types of vessels. Behind the Company success, successfully finished his Master's Degree in Master in Shipmangement at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA).


Quality Services:

The corporte mission is to provide the best crewing services to our Principals by tapping the most qualified seafarers.



1. To fulfill the needs, Requirements and desire of the client principals.

2. To recruit and retain the best pool of competent semen in the company rolls.

3. To continuously upgrade the technical know-how of the required crew complements.


Human Resource Philosophy:

APQ SHIP believes that TRUST is the most valuable asset. our policies are based on the belief that the success of the Corporation is primarily dependent on its human resources and that the professional development of each crewmember is as vital to the crew him/herself.

It is the policy of APQ SHIP to give each employee TRAINING and OPPORTUNITY so they will have the satisfaction and enjoyment that come from the work well done and to remain competitive in their line of expertise. To achieve this end, it is the policy of the company to:


1. Employ individuals solely on the basis of qualifications.
2. Recognize each person as individual throughout his period of association with the company.
3. Review periodically the performance of the crew and even the officers to keep them informed of their status.
4. Provide review program so as to determine those who needed training or upgrading.
5. Maintain salary scales which are competitive with those paid by our competitors, in the effort to attract the best of the seamen available in the market.
6. Provide an attrative and efficient environment by fostering good relationships with the families, dependents of the seamen and by fostering harmonious relationship among the crewmembers.
7. Provide planned training and staff development activities as an investment for the mutual benefits of the seamen and the company.
8. Maintain an open and cordial communication lines beween the seamen and the company including their families.





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